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Pies Made Fresh Daily!

A fresh handmade Schmucker’s Pie will always excede your expectations. Stop in and enjoy a piece or take a whole one home to share. They are special for all occasions. Ordering your pies in advance is always encouraged.  However, when you need it TODAY, not tomorrow, whole “Pies Availabe Daily” are able to be purchased on a first come first serve basis. Whole “Specialty Pies” are availble only by order, except when offered as the “Pie of the Week”. Call to learn this week’s offering.

To Order Call: 419.787.9572. Please note that we cannot accept pie orders via email.


Pies Available Daily
Specialty Pies
Apple Almond Joy
Banana ANDE’s Mint Delight
Blueberry Apple-Raisin-Walnut
Scutterbotch Black Bottom
Caramel-Apple-Walnut Black Forest
Cherry Blueberry Crumb
Cherry Berry Burst O’ Berry
Cherry Crumb Butterfinger
Chocolate Cream Candy Apple
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Raspberry Cream
Custard Coconut Custard
Dutch Apple French Peach
Keylime Lemon Crunch
Lemon Meringue Mounds
Mince * Nestle Crunch
Peach OH-IO Buckeye Pie
Pecan OREO
Pumpkin * Oatmeal
Raisin Pineapple Cream
Rhubarb Pumpkin Apple Streusel
Strawberry Rhubarb * Raspberry Cream
Fresh Strawberry * ScutterBotch Mousse
Vanilla Peanut Butter Snicker’s
Sugar Free Pies Strawberry / Rhubarb
Fresh Strawberry Banana *
* Seasonal (order 48 hours in advance) Sweet Potato Streusel *
Triple Chocolate Indulgence
Cheesecakes Available
Plain Blueberry
Turtle Peanut Butter
Cherry Strawberry